Drab or Fab: Shadow Switching Pan

There you are, creating a beautiful smokey eye and find yourself short on brushes. You’ve already used all your brushes once, but need to re-use one for that final pop of color. Do you just wipe it off on a tissue and hope for the best?  You could do that, or your could use a shadow switching pan.

Essentially, a shadow switching pan is a rough sponge that is used to clean brushes of their pigment, allowing you to easily switch colors mid look. While it doesn’t clean the brush and get all the “gunk” out, it does remove the pigment from previous shadows.

I purchased the “New Hue Shadow Switching Pan” from Ulta for $9USD (click here to view product page). I was a little skeptical at first because I had heard mixed reviews on similar products. But for $9, why not try it.

I used it on some of my brushes that have white bristles, so you can really see any pigment that is left. There is a pink hue to the brush after, but still SO much better!

Sephora offers a similar product by Vera Mona for $23CAD. But what I like about the Ulta brand one, is that there are two types of sponges in the pan: the large black sponge to remove dry powder and the small white sponge to remove cream/wet pigments. It just gives you a little more variety.

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